Pressing the Re-Set Button on Your Family Life During Social Isolation

Day One

So here we are, settling into Covid Family Life.  This is a time marked with uncertainty as to where this is going, and for how long.  Most of us have experienced the roller coaster of emotions associated with this experience.  From shock, to sadness, depression, anxiety and back through again. Hopefully, you are moving into accepting this situation for what it is today, and are now thinking about how you are wanting to travel through it as a family.  

Ironically, as difficult as this time is to endure, many people have enjoyed the slowed pace and the ability to really enjoy each other, and think about putting some family habits and systems in place that we have lagged on a little.  You can do this too! But you need to follow the first guiding rules: 
  • Be forgiving of yourself and each and every member of the family as they adjust to these times and struggle to manage emotions
  • Be patient.  Change takes time.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to provide some tips for helping and even improving your family dynamic during our social (read physical) distancing.  We are hoping that this will be a virtual family therapy of sorts. You don’t have to be dysfunctional, riddled with conflict or in crisis to need family therapy! In fact, it is our belief that every family could benefit from using these tips to open conversation and foster connection. 

Share some of the biggest challenges you have experienced as a family since the Covid situation began. 


  • I miss my family so so much and I am not able to see them this Christmas either, because I live in long-term care and we are in outbreak, yet again.

    Christine Charest December 25, 2021
    • This year is hitting hard, isn’t it. I don’t think any of us expected to be here again. I’m so sorry. I hope you have been able to find some rest this season. Be gentle with yourself.

      Rebekah December 27, 2021

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