Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty – COVID-19

The response to COVID-19 is evolving by the minute. It is most definitely an unprecedented time, which brings with it uncertainty. For those who are predisposed to anxiety, this pandemic scare can have severe repercussions and impact functioning. Even those who are not suffering from anxiety are prone to feeling confusion, stress and overwhelm, as well as a range of emotions.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and you need support, we are happy to offer video counselling, which may assist you in coping with the anxiety without leaving your home.

If you don’t think you need therapy to cope, here are a few tips for managing the uncertainty that we’re all feeling right now:
  1. Think about where you’re getting your information. Stick with sources of information that are factual. Although it can be comforting to delve into your social media to hear how others are coping, for some, this information can lead to overwhelm.
  2. Take care of your needs. Do what is being suggested to prepare and then attempt to go about your daily activities as normally as possible.
  3. Distract yourself. Engage in activities that make you feel good. Ruminating about the situation will do nothing but contribute to overwhelm.
  4. Remind yourself of what you can control and what you cannot. You give away valuable time and energy to worrying about things you can’t control. Remind yourself you’ve done all you can do to protect yourself and your family.

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