Day Eight – Pressing the Re-Set Button on Your Family Life During Social Isolation

Prioritize humour and fun.  Does your family love to laugh? I mean REALLY laugh? What makes the family laugh? “Dad” jokes? That elusive TV show or comedy that everyone can agree on? When my children were little, they had a hard time understanding why other families do not have “dance parties” in their kitchens and living rooms.  The ability to be silly and “dance like nobody (except your immediate family who will laugh until they cry at mom’s moves) is watching builds connection, self-esteem and even risk-taking in a safe environment.  

Give everyone a chance to dictate how the fun is incorporated into the daily routine.  For example, my family each gets time to be “the DJ” when we are listening to music (or dancing).  You can also choose games, activities, crafts, etc. as a way to learn about what each of you finds fun while teaching that we need to respect that we are all different and that learning something new is a good thing. 

There have been some really funny (and accurate) YouTube videos on “COVID Coping” that are family-friendly.  Take a look and laugh at yourselves! 

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