We are aware that therapy has a financial cost and we are sensitive to this in our practice. Therefore, we offer a variety of options for you to receive the support you need. Making the choice to seek therapy can be daunting.  We believe that engaging in regular mental health care is no different than the other health and wellness habits that most of us engage in at one time or another: going to the gym, getting a massage, or seeking medical and dental support.  Therapy is care for your mind and your soul, and both of those require a little maintenance.


If you have extended health benefits, then you will likely be covered.  It is important that you contact your benefits provider to ask about the qualifications of the psychotherapist they will accept for coverage.

In our practice, we have two types of therapist qualifications:  

Both of these professionals are equally qualified and skilled, but the main difference lies in the professional College with which they are registered.  We recommend you contact your health benefits provider prior to booking sessions so that you confirm the type of coverage you have, including the professional who is covered and the amount of funds you have available to you.

We also offer coverage to our Indigenous clients through the Non-Insured Health Benefits program through the Government of Canada. 

Choosing Your Therapist

Your therapist’s style of communication, skillset, and experience all factor into your decision in choosing who you wish to see.  We offer a complimentary 15-minute session with our Intake Coordinator who can help connect you with a therapist who is a good fit.  If our practice doesn’t meet your needs, we will ensure that you are provided with referral sources to practices that may be a better fit. 

At Maratos Counselling, you will be working with a well-trained expert who will be mindful of your budget and will give you value in the form of professional support, each and every session.  Take some time to think about therapy as an investment in yourself, so you can finally feel better.

A Word About Fees

We have set our fees based upon the experience and training of our therapists.  We offer practicum opportunities to student therapists and have therapists who are at various stages of their careers. Make no mistake, all of our therapists are qualified and are building upon their ability to help you. 

Good therapists don’t stay in one place professionally or rest on our years of experience.  We are committed to getting better and better at what we do. We receive clinical supervision and support from our peers, and we get excited about expanding our skillset through continuing education.  All of this combines to demonstrate the level of experience and continuing competence of our therapists.  

Intermediate Therapist: $135/session

Senior Therapist: $160/session

Clinical Director: $165/session

Please go to our booking page to see our fees by associate.