Day Four – Bumps in the Road: Applying Values and Family Rules to Your Day to Day.  

This is the hard part.  Start by acknowledging that NOBODY is perfect. 

Parents will screw up, and kids will screw up. When we are hurt, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, we are ripe for screw-ups.  Think about this (and teach your kids to as well). When you are feeling like you are “losing it”, ask yourself these HALT questions: 

Am I Hungry
Am I Angry
Am I Lonely
Am I Tired
I also add an “O”…Am I Overwhelmed!

If you are any one, a few, or ALL of the above, walk away and don’t try to hash it out.  Talk about this, and think about the concepts of emotional regulation and forgiveness. Can you make it acceptable and even encouraged to “walk away” from a disagreement or conflict without being accused of avoiding? Calmer heads prevail.  How families manage conflict is a life-long lesson that will foster communication, connection and will serve children well outside of the family.  

Are you someone who feels the need to “hash it out” when there is a disagreement, or are you someone who needs to “walk away” and think?

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