Our therapists will work with you to support you as you overcome the barriers to achieving a strong, healthy sense of self, supportive relationships and fulfillment and success. Whether you have connected with a physician to seek assistance with a mental health diagnosis or you are looking for support and guidance to address the emotional stressors that are present in your life, you will benefit from therapy. We know that making the decision to seek therapy is a big one.  We want to give you options to connect you with the support you need.


We offer therapy in three forms:

Individual Therapy:  You have struggled for long enough.  The same issues keep cropping up, and quite frankly, you are tired and ready for change. Whether it is online or by phone, therapy will help you address the issues facing you, when you receive individualized support from one of our therapists.

Group Therapy: You are tired of feeling like nobody gets it.  Wrestling with your problems alone is isolating and is not getting you the results you want. Group therapy offers you a way to see change with amazing support.  Our group sessions are led by our therapists and connect you with peers who are struggling with the same issues you are.  Confidential and safe, group counselling offers you the opportunity to realize you are not alone.

Self-Directed Supports: You are struggling with the same, repetitive thoughts. You need a way to make sense of them and you’re just not sure if you want to commit the time and expense to individual therapy.  Self-directed therapy offers you workbooks and tools to help you make sense of those thoughts and put together a plan for turning down the volume and empowering you to create your solutions.

“Power of Empathy:
I am in it with you.
I am not here to fix you.
I am not here to feel it for you.
I’m here to feel with you and let you know you are not alone.”
Brene Brown