Clinical Consultation

Clinical supervision is a hallmark of effective therapy. Both the OCSWSSW and the CRPO recognize the value of regular clinical supervision as part of the professional development plan for therapists.

Alison is in her 25th year of social work, and has been in private practice for ten of those years. She has taught courses in counselling, psychology and professional practice at the postsecondary level. She holds strong beliefs about self-care and professional development for therapists, and as such, enjoys working with other therapists to improve their clinical skills and provide guidance to navigate clinical and ethical challenges.

Alison is well aware of struggles of working as a therapist. Through her own experiences with compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, Alison has developed a passion for mentoring others through difficult clinical decisions and their own self-care challenges. She prides herself on her ability to support and mentor colleagues in a manner that supports self-determination, professionalism and ethical practice.

Contact Alison to discuss your plans for clinical supervision and to see how you can work with Alison to fulfill the requirements of your professional governing body.