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New Year’s Revolution

2019 is coming! The last year of the decade! Are you thinking about setting goals and resolutions for yourself as you enter this new year?  Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you could set aside the new year’s resolutions in favour of revolutionizing your way of thinking in order to bring the change you desire in your life? New Year’s Revolution 2019 is a course that will help you: Clarify your values so that you can clarify your

The Best Advice Is No Advice

I am often asked by people what is the best therapy “advice” that I have ever given. It may appear that answering this question would be difficult because I see a wide variety of individuals who come to me with a wide variety of reasons for seeking therapy.  However, the question is not a difficult one for me to answer at all. The reason is because I generally don’t give advice! Let me explain.  Think about

Change Is Hard…But Not Impossible

All of us have attempted to change or modify our behaviours at one time or another.  That all means all of us have experienced the frustration when change does not come easily, or it does not come at all.  In the 1980’s, researchers Prochaska and DiClemente developed the Transtheoretical Model to explain how people embark on a path toward change.  This biopsychosocial model integrates information from previous research and provides a theory of change that can