The Right Fit!

Making the decision to seek therapy and support can be difficult. It is important to find a therapist you feel is the “right fit” and someone you feel comfortable opening up to. Therapists use different communication styles and treatment strategies; no two therapists are alike.
We offer free 15-minute consultations with our therapists so you can ask questions and find out what it is like to work with them. They will listen to your needs and determine strategies to help you overcome challenges.

Whether you are seeking psychotherapy on the recommendation of your physician or you are just following your gut feeling that things “just aren’t right”, working with our therapists can help you feel heard as you tell your story and  learn techniques for managing your emotions and challenges. We believe in a least-intrusive, holistic approach to therapy,  frequently helping our clients use therapy as a means of avoiding or improving the effectiveness of prescribed medication to manage their mental health.

Group Programs are a valuable way for individuals who are experiencing similar struggles to work together under the guidance of therapists.  Quite often, group therapy participants feel understood, connected, and are able to  improve their outcomes more quickly than they may have in individual therapy sessions.  Group therapy offers a unique opportunity to connect with peers who really understand their journey.  These connections are often powerful, and work toward sustaining long-term change. Please visit our groups page to learn more about our current and future offerings.

We believe that giving yourself some dedicated time to think about what is going on, to identify your feelings and to put some serious thought into what you want for yourself can be a really powerful tool to gaining clarity. Whether you aren’t sure if you can afford or want to commit to therapy, or you just want to try to figure things out on your own, our Self-Directed Supports are for you. The “DIY” approach to therapy provides you with workbooks and tools to sort through some of the baggage and gain some peace so you can quiet that mind.

Many of our therapists are adept at providing corporate training and supportive workshops on a variety of topics including stress, motivation, self-care, communication skills, managing lifespan changes and emotional wellbeing.  We create original, interactive presentations that both engage and support.  Visit our page to read more and please contact our office to schedule a consultation to discuss how our practice could meet your professional training needs. We will be happy to speak with you at your convenience.

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We want to make your visit with us the most comfortable we can, so we’ve provided some information about what to expect from your counselling experience.

Making the decision to seek therapy and support is difficult. It is important to find a therapist who feels like the “right fit” when taking the courageous step to open up about yourself.  Therapists utilize different communication and treatment strategies, and in fact, no two therapists are alike.  Alison and Rebekah are available to discuss your needs in a free telephone or email consultation where you can discuss in more depth specific questions you might have and they can outline in more detail how you will work together. They will listen to your needs and determine treatment strategies that meet these needs and help increase your motivation to address your issues and make positive changes.

In-Office Counselling Services: Sessions take place in person at our office, which is located within a medical practice.  This setting offers discretion and privacy in a comfortable office space.  It is centrally located with free parking and accessibility.

Telephone Counselling Services: If there are mobility issues or other obstacles to face-to-face meeting, telephone counselling can be arranged.

Video Counselling Services: Sessions can be conducted via teleconferencing programs where distance or mobility is a factor.

Psychotherapy services are often covered under extended health care benefit plans. In addition, therapy services can also be claimed as a medical expense on your income tax. Please check with your extended health care provider to determine if my services are covered and how much is available to you.

Many people choose to seek counselling support and pay out of pocket.  Most agree that they see the expense as an investment in themselves that ultimately serves to improve quality of life and work toward providing clarity on values and goals.  Our rate follows the professional fee guidelines for MSW’s established by the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW).

It is understandable that cost is an important factor for most people and determining the length of time that you will be in counselling is a consideration. Depending on the issue you are seeking therapy for, change can take place in a short-term period ranging from four to twelve sessions. To address concerns that have a deeper root and that have been with you for a prolonged period, longer term therapy may be indicated. The timing and duration of our work together is ultimately in your hands. We  will work with you to ensure you’re your intervention meets your needs.  Where affordability is an issue, we are willing to provide homework activities that can be completed outside of the therapy sessions so that appointments can be scheduled at less frequent intervals.

Other Support & Solutions

Maratos Counselling has specially-created resources available to help you through a wide range of challenges. These include Group Therapy and Self-Directed Resources such as:

  • Family Lifeline for loved ones of people suffering from addiction
  • Healthy Boundaries With No Apologies
  • Breakup Bootcamp
  • Turning Down the Volume on Anxiety
  • %*&K Covid

Please use the button below to explore more of these resources and how they will benefit you.


Due to COVID-19 we are offering Telehealth/Phone counselling only.